Parenting on Social Media is a Lie...

As I sit down to write this, I'm having to wrestle the key board away from my toddler while simultaneously holding my coffee out of his reach. He is equal parts sweet and spicy but lets be honest, I only share his sweet side with the social media world. I'm finally stopping to ask myself, "what is this saying to other parents?" If we are never real online and only ever share the cute, smiling pictures of our kids in clean, perfect outfits then we are never being our real selves. And on the flip side, whether we mean to or not, we start to compare our worst moments with everyone else's best moments. When I log onto Facebook and all I see are these perfect pictures of everyone's perfect kids I can't help but start to feel inadequate in my parenting. It's not until I call up my real-life mom friends, tell them what's going on, and feel unbelievably relieved to hear them say, "Oh man, the same thing happened yesterday!" 

So I say it's time to get real with what parenting really looks like! Here are side-by-side photos of the one's I would post to social media and the real life ones...

Fun family day at the park? Nope, time to have a huge melt down.

Why is this just a picture of me and my husband? Because my kid refused to hold still and look at the camera.

Look at all my clean, beautiful cloth diapers! But what about that one time I found a dirty diaper in a wet bag in the garage that had been there for who knows how long...

Snuggly moment with daddy? Nope, just trying to bear-hug the tantrum away.

PLEASE just take a picture with mommy!!!

What a healthy, organic breakfast for my little angel... oh wait, you're just going to dump it on your head.

Look at that tidy bedroom! WHAT? It's been 5 minutes!! And where are your clothes?!?


What does real life parenting look like in your house? Share your funny and hard moments with us, because believe me, we understand!