A Natural Guide to Postpartum

Postpartum is full of nitty gritty details that no one likes to talk about... well, unless you are a doula! Our birth doula, Kayla Mundt, is diving into postpartum to share her best tips after giving birth to her second son, Sawyer.

~Natural Immediate Postpartum~

I'm getting all my postpartum gear ready and set up for after baby and thought I'd share what I'm planning on using this go-round! I have most of these things already in a basket on the back of my toilet. 

+Depends. Ok, these aren't super natural. A better alternative would be cloth. And for after the first week I have chemical-free natural pads. (And padsicles 🙌🏼) But the first couple days just call for some Depends #sorrynotsorry #keepinitreal
+Fridet by NoseFrida. I don't think this existed when I had Judah, but I'm excited about it. It's a peri-bottle that actually squirts upside down, just where you want it. 💦
+Postpartum bath herbs for sitz baths. These are Earth Mama Angel Baby, but I also wanna grab some homemade from Caitlin Guillory with Breath of Life. So soothing. 🛀🏼
+Natural Calm. To replace the Colace. 🚽
+Clary Sage also helps minimize uterine cramps. 🌀
+Claraderm Spray. This spray has Lavender, Tera Tree, Myrrh, Frankincense, Chamomile, and Helichrysum oils in some fractionated coconut oil. It soothes the skin and helps it repair itself. It's expensive, but it's gon be worth it. 🙌🏼
+Arnica tablets reduce swelling. 👏🏼
+Joy & Frankincense (and probably others) for emotional support in the rollercoaster that is week 1 postpartum. 🎢
+Ningxia for healthy energy, brain clarity, and all-around goodness. 🦄

Not pictured: 
+Placenta pills. I'm having my placenta encapsulated. Because hormones. 💊
+After-pain tincture. I don't remember this with Judah, but I've read they're worse with each child...😖
+Alcohol-free witch hazel and the witch hazel pads. For the padsicles. Alcohol-free is important. 😳
+Belly binding. Katy is gonna bengkung belly bind me to help my diastisis recti and all my organs have the support they want. 

Moms spend so much time preparing the nursery, and/or for birth, but postpartum is often overlooked. It's so nice to have everything set up and ready to go, so I can better enjoy all that baby time.


~Postpartum Essentials for Momma~

Ok so once I'm able to get up out of bed and live real life, then what?! This is what im looking forward to this time! [I'll separately post about nursing essentials, because that's its own whole thing!]

+Water bottle. Get a big one that holds looots of water. (Stainless steel or glass if you're putting essential oils in it!) This will reappear as a nursing essential. 💧

+Newborn-friendly carrier. I'm so pumped for this beautiful Solly wrap a friend got me! 😍 I'll also use my ring sling. Whatever you feel comfortable wrapping baby in! Trust me, you'll want snuggles AND your hands. 

+Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is life. I made this diy one with Rosemary & Bergamot oils and put it in a salt shaker 💁🏼

+Face wash. (There's a trend; you may or may not get to actually shower ha!) The minty scrub from Young Living is my favorite. The mintiness is refreshing and wakes me up too. Perfect after sleepless nights! 🌿

+Ningxia packets (convenient) and Multigreens for sustained, healthy energy. 💪🏼

+Joy & Progessence Plus. For regulating the hormones and #allthefeels. 🎢😜

+Leggings. If you didn't learn/accept this while pregnant, now is the time: leggings are pants. These are Blanqi nursing/postpartum leggings and I'm soooo excited about them. They come up to under your boobs to 1) hold it all in and 2) cover your belly for breastfeeding. 🙌🏼

+Snacks. All the healthy snacks. Ask good for nursing. Your body just completed the most physically demanding task of. all. time. Feed it right. 

Not pictured, but very important:
+Mascara. Don't have high expectations for getting ready for a while. But do what you can and need to to feel normal. Mine is mascara. 💃🏼

+Netflix. Especiallyyyyy if you're having your first baby and don't have to take care of an older child! Please do yourself a favor and just actually do nothing allllll day. Snuggles and Netflix. 📺

Bring on the baby time!


~Breastfeeding Essentials~

This one is the hardest to really predict, because breastfeeding is so unpredictable! But you can be prepared for a lot. I would say these are mostly focused on the first 6 weeks while supply is regulating, so I didn't include pumping or bottle-feeding items. 

+Water bottle. Get a big one that holds a lot. Bonus points for a straw. (Stainless steel or glass for EOs!) You will never be so thirsty in your life. 🐪

+Snacks, snacks, snacks. Bonus points for one-handed snacks like protein bars. Healthy fats, high protein, low sugar and dairy. Now's not the time to blow all your preggo healthiness. 🍎

+Coconut oil. Good for the nips, it's super soothing and doesn't have to be washed off before baby nurses. Also can be put in your coffee or smoothies for more fat! Another good option is Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter, but I wouldn't put that in your coffee. 😂

+Fennel. Balances and encourages lactation. May not be necessary, but good to have just in case. 🌿

+Milk-Savers. This product is new to me, and won't apply to everyone, but in the beginning many women have beacoup milk. While baby is nursing one side, this handy guy can catch all the milk from the letdown on the other side! 🙌🏼

+Hot/cold packs. These purple guys are by Lansinoh and can be warmed or put in the fridge. So soothing for engorgement, clogged ducts, all the fun times. 🍥

+NingXia / Nitro Combo. Chances are you'll be up in the night for feedings. This combo is like a 5-hour energy, but good for you and without a crash. 🎉

+Treats. So you gotta stay healthy and all, but you also grew a human and continue to grow said human. Feeding babies is hard work so I say treat yoself. 🍫

+The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. The only breastfeeding book you need. The boobie bible. To read before birth and have on hand for reference after. Also, have on hand the number for local LCs and join your local LLL group. Your nurse, your next door neighbor, your friends aunt all have good intentions, but there's a good chance they're misinformed when it comes to breastfeeding problems, advice, etc. Get the right support. 🍼

+Nursing Pads. In the very beginning just use disposables. Way easier and less to worry about. But if you're a lucky gal who still leaks after a few weeks (🙋🏼), I vote for Bamboobies. They're super soft, not itchy, and actually unnoticeable in the bra. They have day and night ones 💦

+Pump. In the first few weeks, avoid pumping and let your supply regulate. But if you're super engorged and haaaave to (I still say hand express), a hand pump is where it's at. It's less intense than an electric and you can control it better. 🐄

Not pictured:
+Nursing pillow. My favorite is My Brest Friend, but really any support pillow is great. 
+Chiropractic care for you and baby. 
+Deep Relief Roll-On for your neck and shoulders. They'll be sore from staring at that bebe. 
+anything to do with pumping.