Postpartum & Essential Oils

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety... this is something no one wants to talk about. It's messy and hard and comes at a time in your life when you are supposed to be your happiest. You have a new, perfect baby! You are so in love! Everything should be great, right? Well, not always. For 1 in 7 moms this is a time where they develop a postpartum mood disorder. This can be depression or anxiety or both. 

We want to share a few of our favorite postpartum oils with you! Essential oils are NOT a substitute for medical/psychiatric care and we want to encourage you to reach out to medical professionals if you think you might have a mood disorder. (Not sure? You can try the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale to evaluate yourself or go over the results with your care provider.) We also covered several of the symptoms of postpartum mood disorders on Facebook last week.) There is NOTHING wrong with getting help so you can get back to your normal self and enjoy life with your baby.

Let's talk OILS.

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Lady Sclareol essential oil is great for encouraging your hormones to balance out. After you have a baby your hormones are out of control! They were just at a crazy high during pregnancy and then plummet by day three postpartum causing Baby Blues which in some cases, escalates into a postpartum mood disorder. Lady Sclareol not only smells aaaamazing, it can also help everything balance out and get you back to normal.

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Joy essential oil is for just that JOY! Joy is a blend of oils with a floral and citrus scent that mix together for an uplifting experience. It's great to wear or diffuse to help push off those sad postpartum emotions.

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Frankincense essential oil is an oil that is great for emotional balance. It has an earthy aroma that can help keep your emotions even and ward of those anxious thoughts. 


What are your favorite things to help with postpartum? Share them with us!