Kari Sandon

Kari is the Head of Postpartum Services for Louisiana Birth. She never envisioned that she would be working in the birth community.  After the births of her sons, she began feeling called to pursue a career where she could help moms & families peacefully adjust to their new lives.  She is a married mom, with first-hand experience of the physical & emotional difficulties of the fourth trimester. Knowing that every family's lives and experiences are different, Kari's goal is to provide non-judgmental, evidence-based support throughout the postpartum period. 

Kari's Education & Training:
-Bachelor's in History from Southeastern Louisiana
-StillBirthday Certified Doula
-DONA International Birth Doula Workshop
-DONA International Postpartum Doula Workshop
-CAPA Postpartum Doula Training
-Certified Lactation Counselor