Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula is informational and emotional support during the postpartum period. Your postpartum doula will care for you as you care for your baby and help you to feel confident as a new parent. Louisiana Birth specializes in supporting families through the first 12 weeks of baby's life, or the "fourth trimester". Bringing baby home is a big change for everyone in your home and a postpartum doula can help facilitate bonding between baby and each member of your family.

Postpartum Pricing

Postpartum Planning: $50/visit
Postpartum Daytime Care: $25/hour
Postpartum Nighttime Care: $30/hour


What does postpartum care include?

  • Mama Care - emotional & physical support as your body restores itself after birth.  This may include preparing sitz baths, assistance walking or moving heavy objects (especially after cesarean birth), or simply listening as you process your birth experience.
  • Newborn Care - swaddling, baby-wearing, cord care, & more.
  • Breastfeeding & Bottle feeding Support
  • Light Meal Prep - simple meals & snacks to ensure mom & family stay nourished & hydrated while adjusting to their new little one.  (Does your family have a favorite snack?  Send us your recipe & we will try it out!)
  • Simple Household Tasks - picking up toys, light laundry, diaper cleanup, washing bottles & similar tasks.  
  • Attending to individual family needs such as cloth diapering assistance, quick errands, help with older siblings, or bottle feeding safety.
  • Referrals as needed - Doulas are not medical professionals.  We cannot prescribe, diagnose, or treat.